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Professional Men | 3 Smart Tips to Buy your First Interview Suit

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Going for any interview is stressful, but your first-ever interview probably has you sweating more than ever. No matter how much you prepare, there's always the chance that the interview won't go as well as you expected. While you can't control the flow of your interview, you can certainly attempt to make the best first impression on your potential employer by wearing a smart suit. Whether you choose off-the-rack or custom-made suits from a company like Adriano Carbone Master Tailor, your first interview suit is a springboard to success and is necessary to help you sparkle during your interview. Here are some smart considerations to help you buy your first interview suit.

Choose Dark Colours with Minimal Patterns

The real impression you want to make is with your intelligence and not your fashion style, so choose dark coloured suits with minimal patterns that don't overpower the room. The best colours for first interview suits are navy, black or dark grey with no pinstripes. Earth tones are far too casual, so you'll want to stay away from lighter colours like creams, off-whites and blues. Keep in mind that for the first interview, basic is always best –– so don't try to make a big statement with your suit.

Make Sure you get a Good Fit for the Pant and Jacket

You'll want to ensure that your jacket and pants are not too big or too small, which can be a tad difficult with off-the-rack suits. Custom-made suits and bespoke suits will give you total control over your fit, so you can ensure that it hugs your body frame perfectly. To get a good fit, always put on your jacket and button up. The line between the shoulder and the sleeve should rest firmly on the top of your arm. If it rests somewhere on your arm, the jacket is too big. If it rests on your shoulder, the jacket may be a few sizes too small. Pants are usually tailored to each individual body frame, so you should ideally get a proper length pant that's not too tight or too loose. The rule of thumb is to have a small portion of your pant sit on your shoe. Anything longer will make your pants look baggy and unkempt. Sit down to ensure that your pant fits comfortably. If the pant rides up high, your pants are too tight and need to be loosened.

Choose a Neutral Shirt and Tie

The last thing you want is to have your interviewer distracted with your jazzy tie and colourful shirt, so make sure you stick to light colours and neutral tones. A solid or plain striped tie is perfectly acceptable, but stay away from designs and prints. You shirt should blend in well with the suit to give you the polished look of a professional, not a schoolboy.

Whether you choose off-the-rack or custom-made suits, follow these smart tips to make the right impression on your potential employers.