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Dancing to the Tunes of Jazz: How to Choose the Right Dancing Costume

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Occasionally, you may feel the urge of dancing to good music in your home, in a club with friends or anywhere else—it really doesn't matter provided you are dancing. Nowadays, there are different genres of dance music and the world seems to have forgotten about jazz. Even though it is not as popular as it was in the 60s and 70s, it is still adored by a great number of people.

For a jazz dance, however, you can't dress up the same way you do when you are out on a date or a club; what you wear has an influence on the moves you make.  Whether you are gearing up for a dance class or a jazz dance event, check out the following points on how to choose the appropriate dancewear:

1. Jazz Pants

Jazz demands a lot of movements and you do not want your pants holding you back. Opt for pants that are made of cotton or lycra fabrics. Cotton is lightweight and breathable while lycra is extremely stretchy. These properties will make you feel freer and at ease with your movements.

But if you are performing on stage and you want your audience hooked, pants made of a dazzling, light material such as holographic fabric should be enough. 

2. Leotards

In dance classes, a leotard may suit you well. It is light to wear and breathable, which ensures that you will match the intense movements and quick turns. To choose the right leotard, buy it from a shop or store yourself so that you can select the perfect fit for your body. Most brands are sized and cut differently from others, and hence buying a leotard from a store allows you try out different brands, styles and sizes.

3. Shoes

A majority of jazz dancers enjoy dancing with bare feet for quick and easy movements. But if you are new, it is wise to wear shoes, preferably sneakers. Jazz dances are usually done on wooden floors, so for a first timer whose feet are not accustomed to the practice, his or her feet may end up getting sore due to friction.

You should also slow down your spins, and for that, you need shoes that are fitted with rubber soles. The rubber soles of sneakers, for instance, may prevent you from engaging in a spin that is too fast and out of control.

As a rule of thumb, do not wear loose clothes. Loose clothes serve as distractions and may prevent you from making quick turns and movements. The clothes should also not be too tight to restrict movement or portray indecency.