Passion For Fashion: On Trend Tips About Clothing And Accessories

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Workwear for cold weather: Important features to look out for in 2019

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Do you regularly send your workers out in the snow (or cold weather) to perform important tasks? If so, you should equip them with the necessary workwear to keep them safe and productive. Many companies simply let their employees wear regular jackets, gloves and trousers that are inefficient at keeping out very low temperatures. To protect your staff, you need to equip them with workwear that is suitable for cold and even freezing weather. Read More»

Selecting the Ideal AFL Jersey Material

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A good Australian Football League jersey is a great addition to your wardrobe. The apparel is ideal for wearing when supporting your favourite team in the stadium or indoors. In addition, it is a practical item to wear during your routine physical exercise. There are diverse suppliers of AFL jerseys in the market, so finding the perfect product can be challenging, particularly for a first-time buyer. One of the critical factors to evaluate is the type of fabric used in making the jersey. Read More»

How to Choose Uniforms for Your Employees that Drive Business

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All business owners have struggled to nail their branding strategy at one point or another, and everyone has tips for how you can turn that around. But did you know that corporate clothing makes a positive contribution to your workplace identity? While this may seem as simple as plonking your logo in the middle of a custom t-shirt, you need to invest a little more effort to hit the mark. Read More»

Adjusting to check-in limits on luggage

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As airlines introduced fees for baggage over the past few years, more and more regular travellers have wised up and maximised their cabin luggage allowance with generously sized carry-ons and eliminated the need to wait on bags in the arrivals. Now with airlines having more and more people maximising the allowance, the IATA (the international airline association) has recommended a smaller cabin bag, and many airlines have advised they will be going with the smaller proposed bag size allowance. Read More»

Professional Men | 3 Smart Tips to Buy your First Interview Suit

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Going for any interview is stressful, but your first-ever interview probably has you sweating more than ever. No matter how much you prepare, there’s always the chance that the interview won’t go as well as you expected. While you can’t control the flow of your interview, you can certainly attempt to make the best first impression on your potential employer by wearing a smart suit. Whether you choose off-the-rack or custom-made suits from a company like Adriano Carbone Master Tailor, your first interview suit is a springboard to success and is necessary to help you sparkle during your interview. Read More»

Dancing to the Tunes of Jazz: How to Choose the Right Dancing Costume

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Occasionally, you may feel the urge of dancing to good music in your home, in a club with friends or anywhere elseā€”it really doesn’t matter provided you are dancing. Nowadays, there are different genres of dance music and the world seems to have forgotten about jazz. Even though it is not as popular as it was in the 60s and 70s, it is still adored by a great number of people. Read More»