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Selecting the Ideal AFL Jersey Material

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A good Australian Football League jersey is a great addition to your wardrobe. The apparel is ideal for wearing when supporting your favourite team in the stadium or indoors. In addition, it is a practical item to wear during your routine physical exercise. There are diverse suppliers of AFL jerseys in the market, so finding the perfect product can be challenging, particularly for a first-time buyer. One of the critical factors to evaluate is the type of fabric used in making the jersey. Your choice will affect the durability, comfort and the total cost of the jersey. Generally, most AFL jerseys are made from polyester because the material is considered durable. However, the fabric has diverse variations to suit the requirements of different individuals. Here are the main types of materials to consider when ordering your jersey.

Moisture-Wicking Polyester

The popularity of the moisture-wicking polyester fabric can be attributed to the comfort that accompanies the durability. Basically, the moisture-wicking material is woven as a solid fabric with no apparent holes in the designed. This smooth material allows the sweat produced from the skin when wearing to wick away and evaporate easily. It is an ideal choice for wearing in warm climates because you will not feel the hot stickiness experienced with regular polyester fabrics. You should inquire about this polyester variant from your jersey supplier before purchase because the name can be different depending on the manufacturer.

Double Knit Polyester

If you want a long-lasting jersey, you should consider purchasing double knit polyester apparel. The fabric is woven from polyester yarn to create a thick and strong material. The thickness of a double knit jersey will prevent accelerated tearing and general degradation of the product. Therefore, it is suitable for purchase if you often engage in local community or school games. Unfortunately, this material does not breathe well, so it is not the most comfortable choice in hot weather. There is an alternative material known as air-knit polyester that overcomes this challenge. This fabric is equally thick but there are small perforations in the cloth to promote air movement and subsequent comfort.

Polyester Dazzle Cloth

Dazzle fabric is a lightweight material that allows the circulation of air around the body. The polyester knit is soft and silky, so you will enjoy the comfortable feel. Moreover, the dazzle cloth is sleek and shiny, making it a beautiful choice for indoor and outdoor arenas. If you are looking for a jersey for casual wear, this material is perfect.